Class Requirements

Classes are geared toward new to intermediate students with options provided to accommodate the pace of each individual in the session.  

All participants will be required to sign a waiver of liability.  Children under 13 will require a participating adult.  Students ages 13-18 will require a participating adult and/or a parent signed waiver.  

Is your company working to fulfill healthcare program initiatives, looking for a fun team building event or wanting to increase productivity through relaxation and mindfullness?  Let Dragonfly Paddle and Fitness design a custom event or weekly schedule to bring yoga to your office.  Contact us for additional information and rates.

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Yoga Class Rates

Yoga At Your Office

Yoga Events and Camps

Individual and Package Classes

Individual Session: $10

4 Session Package: $28

8 Session Package: $56

Private indivudal or group classes available upon request.  Contact: